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  The grandson of a First World War army hero has stumbled uponan collection of glass slides images which documents the untoldlives of Chinese workers who helped Britain win the war.

  Retired property manager John de Lucy rediscovered the rarephoto negatives that were given to him 40 years ago when he wasrifling through the contents of an old cupboard.

  The images taken by Mr de Lucy's grandfather LieutenantWilliam James Hawking provide a valuable visual record of the livesChinese workers endured when nearly 5000 miles away from home wherethey had to dig trenches unload freight and take munitions to thefront.

  Lieutenant Hawkings's family were property traders in Asiawhen war broke out and while China was neutral in the war the Asiannation allowed forces to hire nearly 100000 workers to make thethree-month journey from Shandong to ports in Liverpool andPlymouth where they were then transported to the frontline.




  The jobs that Chinese workers carried out allowed more Britishsoldiers to be freed up for other tasks such as fighting on thefrontline in Flanders.

  Chinese recruits had to suffer through gruelling 12 hourworkdays six days a week with many remaining in France until 1921to clear up unexploded bombs from the battlefields.

  Many Chinese recruits also celebrated their traditions inmainland Europe with some even growing their own vegetable gardensfor extra food and even winning agricultural shows in Abbeville in1918.



  当时许多中国劳工还在欧洲大陆庆祝自己的传统节日, 有的甚至开辟菜园来获得更多的食物。1918年,他们在阿布维尔(法国一城市) 赢得农产品展的冠军。

  Hawkings' third daughter was a fluent Mandarin speaker and wasloved by No 12 Labour Corps yet not all Chinese recruits weretreated well as many muntined with 27 shot on the streets ofBoulogne.


  Chinese workers were originally not meant to serve closer than10 miles to the frontline but this was reduced to one mile asGerman artillery bombed the Allied lines.

  Mr de Lucy said: 'I knew there were some boxes from his timein China but had no idea that they were such an important part ofhistory.


  Mr.de Lucy说“我知道这些箱子跟他在中国的那段时间有关,只是没想到他们对那段历史如此重要!

  'I read the title "Chinese Labour Corps" on the box but itmeant nothing to me. Yet these men were involved in a crucial partof the war effort. Many of them paid with their lives and theirstory has seldom been told.'


  He added: 'Because of the difficulty with their names theywere given a number on a brass disc that was fixed to their wrists.Their fingerprints were taken to help identity them and ScotlandYard even sent out one of its officers to oversee the task as itwas quite a new technique back then.

  'Like most people I had no idea about this part of First WorldWar history and it was certainly not mentioned in the familydespite grandpa's involvement.'They are a remarkable legacy andthey show that he dealt with them with humanity because in many ofthe pictures they are smiling and relaxed - they are not formallyposed.

  'It is time to recognise their efforts and you wonder what wewould have done without them. They helped enormously.'





  There is now a growing campaign for to establish a permanentmemorial to the Chinese Labour Corps - a 30-foot marble column -and spread awareness about the role China played in Britain's warefforts.

  现在修建一座永久性纪念碑来纪念中国劳工团的呼声越来越大。纪念碑设计为30英尺高的大理石柱,伴随而来的是对中国在英国历史上战争活动中所做贡献获得广泛认可。SteveLau chair of the Ensuring We Remember campaign told the DailyExpress: 'There are around 40000 First World War memorials in theUK but none to the Chinese who clearly made a significantcontribution.


  'The Chinese community has given huge support for a memorial.We want to rectify the injustice of the Chinese Labour Corps beingforgotten. I don't think you can find any other group of 96000 menwho do not have a memorial.'



  HomersDad Cheshire United Kingdom 14 hours ago

  Thousands of Chinese workers built the early US railwaysacross thousands of miles of hostile and dangerous land - many losttheir lives in the process. When all the various lines wereofficially opened the Railway Companies made sure not a singleChinese face appeared on any of the publicity photos. Isn't theresomething in the American Constitution about all people being equal- etc etc!!


  Scotty Mac Hong Kong Hong Kong 4 hours ago

  The same is true of Chinese who contributed to the developmentof the US where not allowed to become US citizens and where notallowed to vote until the 1960's. And this is the famous US humanerights and democracy at work? US politicians sick to the core.


  Charles London United Kingdom 14 hours ago

  They say you learn something new each day....well I'vecertainly something new today...I had no idea there were Chinese inthe European war theatre ( WW1) they should be recognised!

  我之前并不知道欧洲战场(一战)还有中国人, 他们应该得到认可!

  Walker Leicester United Kingdom 13 hours ago

  We did a tour of the battlefields 2 years ago in many of thecemetery's were one or two graves with the standard CWG headstonebut inscxtions in Chinese. We were even more surprised to findcomments from family members who had visited their relative sizefinal resting place. It truely was a world war with many countriesrepresented some of whom have remained little known about.


  xredsx tilbury United Kingdom 15 hours ago

  Isn't it amazing how quickly and often different nations andtheir population changes to either friends or enemy with eachother. Propaganda is so effective.

  国家之间朝敌夕友,风云变幻,速度惊人! 这就是宣传的力量。

  D55015 Kettering Northamptonshire United Kingdom 12 hoursago

  I agree we helped China to carry on with the war against Japansending and collecting money for her then when you look back ourcountry had stronger ties to Japan than the states funny oldworld


  Scotty Mac Hong Kong Hong Kong 4 hours ago

  Yes like the Vietnamese who are now the best of friends withthe US having lost millions of their people as well as the unknownnumber Cambodians of Cambodians from Agent Orange Landmines andbombings.


  Ewan Whoosarmi Camelot United Kingdom 12 hours ago

  There are lots of graves dedicated to all manner ofnationalities. They are cared for with the same level of care asthe British and Commonwealth troops' graves. If people bothered tovisit these cemeteries and see the sacrifices made for them theywould also receive an education.


  Colin Davies Manchester 10 hours ago

  What get off their backsides and visit a cemetery? InFrance?


  Scotty Mac Hong Kong Hong Kong 4 hours ago

  Empire Troops not Commonwealth this was not so until manyyears later.


  March West Stony Creek Canada 14 hours ago

  DM your headline screams of another nation who routinely takescredit for winning world wars. Britain did not win the First WorldWar. Victory was achieved through the effort of many countriesincluding the one who routinely takes credit for winning worldwars. Doubt me?? There are memorials honouring war deadeverywhere.


  Scotty Mac Hong Kong Hong Kong 4 hours ago

  Yes the Empire of the time. And sone British General who lostthe plot when ti came to fighting in WWI until NON British generalschange the way the war for carried out with great success. Itdestroyed the fabric of the UK for ever.


  Alan Des Moines Iowa US United States 7 hours ago

  This is a fascinating aspect of the war with which I wasunfamiliar. Thanks for presenting this story.

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