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  XIAMEN China (Reuters) - China will give $80 million infunding for BRICS cooperation plans Chinese President Xi Jinpingsaid on Monday while the bloc of five emerging countries pledged tooppose protectionism.


  Xi offered 500 million yuan ($76.4 million) for a BRICSeconomic and technology cooperation plan and another $4 million forprojects at the group's New Development Bank (NDB) during athree-day leaders summit in the southeastern city of Xiamen.


  China's new contributions to BRICS pale in comparison to its$124 billion pledge earlier in May for Xi's own Belt and Roadinitiative which aims to expand lixs between Asia Africa Europe andbeyond as a new way to boost global development.



  Cynicism Is My UmbrellaCynicism Is My Umbrella23 hours ago

  It's funny how the people that are SO JEALOUS of this aretrying to knock it. What's even funnier is that while they keeppraying for China's collapse...they are actually bankruptingthemselves.



  and its time for china to build on a global military allianceto counter fascist american global dictatorship as well destroy thefascist west so they can never dictate to the rest of the planet.Freedom and liberation is a MUST.


  Vivonell22 hours ago

  While China is expanding into emerging new markets in Africaand Asia the U.S is receding from the world stage. If the U.S.doesn't invent in these third world nations one day it will finditself surrounded my hostile countries and wonder why.


  David23 hours ago

  And the switch to gold global monetary standard is now inmotion


  Rahul21 hours ago

  BRICS will only grow.


  John18 hours ago

  BRIC is designed to destroy the western banking system and theUS dollar. When Nixon took the US off the gold standard That madethe dollar backed only buy the trust placed in our government. Whenthe US unfunded liabilities hit 100 trillion (Its at 250 trillionatm) and the US debt hit 10 trillion (its over 18 trillion atm)China and Russia saw there chance. Forming BRIC allows thecountries hand picked buy Russia and China to trade using there owncurrencies and not the world standard currency. (US currency) Sincethese trades are not recognized buy the world bank or the westernbanking system China and Russia right all the rules. It also makesthe UN and NATO useless do to the fact only Russia and China canplace sanctions embargo's loans and Russia and China can setinterest rates on all BRIC members. All the BRIC members have beenstock piling gold off the books getting ready for this. China andRussia have been buying gold mines all over the world. Mining thegold and just stock piling it. Why do you think gold went from 300an once to 1600 an once in just a few years. India another heavyhitter in this sits on mountains of gold naturally India couldtriple there gold reserves almost overnight if needed. This isliterally declaring a financial war against the established bankingsystem and the US dollar. Our world is changing at light speed.Major power never changes hands with out a fight. My dad alwayssaid: As soon as my generation dies off (he was a wwll vet) andforgets how horrible a world war is. the world will do itagain.


  Jason Syesterday

  Lego bricks? Woooooo Chinese dragon sets. Awesome. Lmao

  乐高金砖吗 ? 哇哦,中国龙系列 . 牛B,笑尿了

  Val16 hours ago

  Amazing these five men represent half of the world.

  真不可思议,这五个人代表了半个世界 .

  Chung21 hours ago

  Where is America under DT? No more TPP gone is the Parisagreement NAFTA is under negotiation again war with local mediaunable to pass major programs even with both houses in majoritystill doing campaign in the hope of arresting his low approvalrating and neglecting to run the country properly. how can Americacompete with China in the international stage? The West propagandamachine cannot disrupt the rise of China under such a "SelfishPresident" such a incompetent POTUS. God bless America is reallyneeded this time!


  T14 hours ago

  Chinese dominance is very evident. India invaded and thenvacated Chinese territory and then had no choice to boycott Chineseled summit. Not sure if Indians realize that Chinese can play themanyway they like.


  iris4 hours ago

  Second largest economy seems have more money than the firstlargest economy.


  Grizzly22 hours ago

  Chinese new Silk Road Project is !the nightmare of USA. TheProject includes 64 countries in Europe Asia Africa wasmasterminded by Rothschilds & supported by Buckingham &this Project may cause the collapse of America in 2018 ! SoPentagon's merciless moves to undermine

  this Project or to rule it by itself... ''terrorist'' ;o))attacks in Manchester London Paris Nice Marseille Germany TurkeyRussia Stockholm Norway Barcelona...& blockade of Qatar... theywere all Pentagon's warnings to supporters of the Chinese S. R.Project ! & Buckingham retaliates...Chaos to remove GeneralLee's statue was a British MI6 job...

  & soon we may expect a civil war in America...War ofPentagon Lockheed Martin against Buckingham+China+Rothschilds...Warof Arms against Mind & Money ! Also biggest US companies todon't pay high taxes in USA transferred their money to off-shoreBritish islands...Trump (Pentagon) tries to bring the money backbut he couldn't because all these companies have connections with''the Family''...& now their $5 trillion is controlled byRothschilds ! Also in NY Stock Exchange 2.300 out of 2.500companies have partnerships with Rothschilds ! Rothschilds meanBritain... Beginning of the end for the American Empire ? ;0))



  greg2 hours ago

  China is the most protectionist country in the world so thisis absolute hypocrisy.

  Mohamed14 hours ago

  I read US China BRICS etc.Blah Blah.. Who really wields thepower behind what appears to be powerful front men? It is theglobalist bankers (GB). GB owned and operated the British Empireand earlier Holland and etc. and moved the assets to the US. Whoreally owns all the gold and diamond mines of South Africa? did youever hear gold or diamonds uttered by Nelson Mandela once? Thinkthe US Federal Reserve which they own. Now they may have bankruptedthe US by design and moved the power base (manufacturing and money)to Asia. And so it goes. Many useful idiot politicians in eachcountry GB manipulates as befits them and sometimes they squeezehard (think Iraq) and sometimes not (think Malaysia).


  我看过美国 中国金砖四国等废话..谁真正掌握了权力面前的力量?它是全球银行(GB)。GB拥有并经营大英帝国和更早的荷兰等,并将资产移到美国。谁真正拥有南非所有的金矿和钻石矿?你听说过曾经说过纳尔逊曼德拉的黄金或钻石吗?想想他们拥有的美联储。现在他们可能已经故意的让美国破产并把权力基础(制造业和金钱)移动到亚洲。就这样,在每一个国家都有一些有用的白痴政客,当时机适合他们的时候,GB就会熟练地操纵他们,有时他们努力压榨(想想伊拉克)有时则不会(想想马来西亚)。

  Raymond4 hours ago

  That really isn't that much money when you think about it.


  lovely_l7 hours ago

  China = Corrupt India = corrupt Russia = corrupt South Africa= corrupt. They should call it the CCCC - Corrupt Conmen CriminalsConspiring - The money will last 2 weeks. ANC in South Africa hasalready stolen R1 Trillion Rand - $100 Billion in 24 years thecountry knows of.

  中国=腐败的印度=腐败的俄罗斯=腐败的南非=腐败。他们应该管这组合叫CCCC-腐败 骗子 犯罪阴谋-这些钱最多只能维持两个星期。在南非,非洲国民议会24年来所偷走的钱已经累计到1兆兰特—1000亿美元了,这还只是国民所了解到的部分。

  Skeptical One5 hours ago

  Shift to non-dollar exchange and US monopoly will be gone forgood.

  只要把结算货币改成不是美金的货币,美国的垄断地位就永远的跨了。Ashok B9 hours ago

  No one should allow Chinese investment in their country. It isall political

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